« I wait for the day that music will be the food of love, I wait for the day that I will sleep without laws.»

Asa -lyrics from “Total Chaos”


As a committed sound activist for the past twenty-five years, DOCTOR L moves through musical galaxies like an incandescent comet, ceaselessly fusing. From 80s punk rock to French hip hop, from the start of electronica to the rebirth of international afro-beat…

In 2000 – already on the label Comet Records – he managed to bring Lagos´ afro-beat into the third millennium with album “Black Voices” by Tony Allen, and even send it orbiting around the moon with record Psyco on Da Bus.

For the past ten years, Doctor L has been making music continuously in his home studio in Saint Ouen (Paris) and collaborated with many artists from around the world: New York, Paris, London, Lagos, Berlin, Bamako, Marseille…

THE GREAT DEPRESSION is the first piece of an album trilogy featuring among others Tony Allen, Martin Perna and Antibalas, Asa and more.



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