I’m not a big fan of the “musical genre” in modern cinema…but Dreamgirls absolutely took my breath away. And not in the “lack of descriptive words to give a good review” sense. I found myself clapping, cheering, and holding tears back. This is not common in today’s typically “stare at the screen in a zombie fashion” theatre experience. To my dismay after receiving 8 nominations in Oscarland, Dreamgirls wasn’t nominated for “Best Picture.”

This has never happened in Oscar history for a movie to have so many nominations and not be nominated for best picture. I hate to take it there, but it seems Chuck D and Flav were right back in the day with their “Burn Hollywood Burn” mentality. It seems that they are not discreet in sending their “signals” to the black community about their place in the entertainment community. Its like their saying you can have the best generals, soldiers, and war strategy but when it comes down to it…your army will never be the “best” as long as we have some say so. I’m sure the panel was amazed that a pretty much all black cast could make a movie of that calibur. I’m going to stop before i boil over the rim anymore…but in my eyes…Congrats “Dreamgirls” you won best picture.