It may be hard to believe but there was a time where groups dominated R&B. There have been several waves of this phenomenon, but during the 90s 4 part harmony was inescapable. Depending on who you ask, these were the good ole days when 4 guys from Baltimore named Dru Hill took center stage. For one night in NYC, they transported their adoring fans back to that special time in music.

The stage set up complete with a three piece band and four chairs (Woody is still gone) would have you think the guys have gotten old and can’t do that Tell Me hop step they were so famous for early in their career. You couldn’t be more wrong. Nokio, Sisqo, and newish member Tao took the stage to perform a few songs with some energetic choreography including the hit Tell Me. The show was pretty much a party from the start with other songs like In My Bed Remix and Big Bad Momma (but without Foxy Brown) causing a big sing along.


When things started to calm down a bit, Jazz joined the rest of the fellas to sing Never Make A Promise. If there is anything that can be said about Dru Hill, it’s that they can sing. The newish member Tao holds his own, and his vocals make it easy to understand why he’s in the group.


Sisqo absolutely commands the stage like the lead singer that he is. He wears his influences on his sleeve and a number of his dance moves are clearly inspired by the late great Michael Jackson. It’s surprising that he doesn’t lose his balance from all that spinning but he keeps the show going no matter what. Midway through the show Sisqo does a solo set with HIS OWN BACK UP DANCERS. These aren’t Dru Hill dancers. They ONLY come out for Sisqo solo songs.

The unexpected portion of the evening happened when Dru Hill paid homage to the artists who came before them, starting with Jodeci’s Forever My Lady and ending with Prince’s Darling Nicky. There wasn’t a bad song the whole night.

Of course the show had to end with that song that everyone thinks of when you mention Dru Hill, the Thong Song. Sisqo and his dancers took the stage to those violins when know so well and the place went crazy. The other three members came out to support their brother and end the night off right. If you are a lover of 90s R&B or just great R&B in general, this is a show you don’t want to miss.





IMAGES & WORDS: Dashaun Simmons


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