“The DocuTape Series” and “Behind the Unsigned” Are Documentary Series Airing on Fuse TV  Now

Eleven28 Entertainment Group, a multimedia enterprise, announces the release of two original programs scheduled to premiere on the FUSE network. Both programs are deeply rooted in the music industry and center around a behind the scenes look into the lives of some of the visionaries that create the music that we listen to every single day.

The DocuTape” profiles the lives of industry professionals as they demonstrate what sacrifices and commitments it takes in order to make the music that will become the soundtrack to the lives of the masses. With the DocuTape series, it’s not about the drama, it’s about the struggle. Each story is unique and very compelling. There are no scripts, there are no do-overs, the pain, frustration and the passion that is revealed are all genuine and from the heart of each individual.  They don’t need to feed gimmicks, as their own stories are enthralling enough to rope you in and keep you captive, you too will be wishing for their collective success.

“Behind the Unsigned” is a documentary that’s focus is profiling up and coming unsigned artists. Each episode will examine the stories of indomitable artists whose spirit and heart are forever apparent in their work-ethics. This, in combination with their moxy and utter determination, lead them one step closer to their ultimate dream. Featuring artists such as F.R.E.A.K., Chris Webby and Fred the Godson, each episode explores the lives and adversities of various unsigned artist through interviews and narrations, which allows insight into how the desire to succeed overpowers everything else, and what life choices must be made as a result. It’s about the pursuit of happiness and what is surrendered in the name of success.

Through a ground breaking deal between Fuse, AT&T and V-Cast, both shows will be available via Fuse On Demand and on the web for the watching convenience of viewers everywhere! As the viewing habits of the consumer morph and change with the times, so do we. We wanted to create a format that was easily manageable and accessible for those on the go as well as those who prefer a more traditional viewing experience. Thanks to Fuse, AT&T and V-Cast we got both!


For more info and to view the first episode of “The DocuTape Series” go here.



June Archer’s Eleven28 Entertainment is a producer and writer management company specializing in A&R consultation, artist development and lifestyle branding.

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