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Irangeles (Iran/Los Angeles) lyricist Malkovich presents his new album Great Expectations, written and recorded in New York City, New Orleans, Atlanta and Los Angeles after giving up his home and possessions to travel indefinitely. Expectations is the followup to his Ayatollah Presley mixtape hosted by deejay/producer House Shoes (watch the video to the Dibia$e-produced “WTF”), and videos to two Expectations tracks – “What I Know” (watch) and “Palms” (watch) have already been released.  Guest emcees include Omni (whose recent album was produced by trip-hop pioneer Tricky), Gotham Green and Sum. Ten producers contribute Expectations‘ 14 tracks, among them Josh The Goon(Freddie Gibbs, Psycho Realm), Computer Jay (Shafiq Husayn, Jimetta Rose),Yamin Semali Bei Ruand Becoming Phill, a producer from Namibia, where Malkovich is currently wrapping up their collaboration album. Great Expectations is an album about the gap between our dreams and our lives,” says Malkovich. Great Expectations is available on his Bandcamp page as a free download for a limited time.
1. Storm Chaser [prod. Leggo]
2. Lies [prod. Evilldewer]
3. Great Expectations [prod. Josh The Goon]
4. What I Know f. Sum [prod. Becoming Phill]
5. Palms [prod. X-Man]
6. Cali [prod. Bei Ru]
7. Through The Trees f. Ali Abnormal, Blvme, Sum, Chris Clarke [prod. Computer Jay]
8. Cry America f. Omni [prod. Mike Beats]
9. The Meaning Of Eyes [prod. Yamin Semali]
10. Lions In Winter f. Core Rhythm, Sum [prod. Core Rhythm]
11. Get Away f. Gotham Green [prod. Leggo]
12. Bedbugs [prod. Becoming Phill]
13. Waiting For You f. Micah McKee [prod. Becoming Phill]
14. Sundays [prod. Evilldewer]

Malkovich was conceived on the Pacific Island of New Caledonia by his father and his mother, then a bartender at a pub popular with escaped Nazis. She was in labor when ayatollah Khomeini chased them from iran during the Islamic Eevolution. Malkovich was born extremely shortly thereafter in christopher columbus’ hometown of Genoa, Italy, where he had his diapers changed regularly by miss italy 1978. Ronald Reagan almost bombed his elementary school in Libya, killing Colonel Gaddafi’s “daughter” instead. He moved to Los Angeles during the 1992 riots, where he heard Ice Cube’s death certificate album, rode the Northridge earthquake, and formed BLX, a kind of pre-internet Odd Future with more Grand Larceny. He left NYC a week before the Twin Towers came down, London a week before the Tube Bombings, and Istanbul a week before kurds blew up the city square. He left jamaica two days before hurricane gustav, and slept on a church floor in louisiana and ate red cross gumbo for three days with 300 people after losing an important backpack in Hurricane Katrina. His father hates islands. He once fell asleep on a train and woke up in Spain. His best friend is a dirty cop in Belize City whose name came up during a Google search on amnesty international’s most wanted list. URB magazine gave his first album skeletons one and a half stars out of five. A kid from North Hollywood has lyrics from the same album tattooed on his chest.

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