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This Fall 2013 marks our 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  We launched on October 12th, 2003, we are so grateful to be commemorating 10 Years.  Some of you may remember when we first launched in New York & Los Angeles…

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As a thank you to all of the promoters, we are offering special opportunities in all our 25+ cities to help market your next event, album or service to our targeted, loyal audience.

To inquire, please check out our Media Kit for our stats, subscribers and info; To feature an event click here and, as always, it is FREE to upload all your events on our website.

We also have a handy personal account Facebook Event Sync App that allows you to automate the process – automatically syncing events you post from your personal Facebook account right onto Fusicology, seamlessly.

We’ve made several improvements over the summer to the site and mobile apps and will be rolling out new features all through the fall!

Want to be Retweeted and/or have your Instagram images reposted?  SOCIAL SHARING now available.  Spread the word!


POST AN EVENT – always free & easy

REGISTER AS A PROMOTER – via email or social login

MEDIA KIT – subscribers, stats & info

INQUIRE TO FEATURE – get extra exposure for your listing

SUBSCRIBE – featured events & new music mailers

FAQ / CONTACT – form/email/phone/address

PROMO BANNERS – for your site/blog

DOWNLOAD FREE APP – iPhone & Android



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