Photos & Words: Ani Yapundzhyan

Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey brought to LA its 5th annual tour of Art, Beats + Lyrics on October 5th, a groundbreaking multimedia art and music exhibition highlighting urban art and the original themes of hip-hop and other music forms. Taking place in downtown at the beautiful Union Station, guests took in the artwork displayed around the venue, interacted with the artists and practiced their own creative skills with the Digi-Graf Digital Spray Painting.

Musical performances included two legends in hip hop Scarface formerly of the Geto Boys and Shock G of Digital Underground, along with “The Funky Drummer” himself, Clyde Stubblefield.

The classic image of Tupac spitting at the camera outside of a courtroom, captured in a painting.

Scarface started his set by playing the guitar and singing in a tribute to Pink Floyd.


Humpty Hump doing the Humpty Dance.

Do you know who you’re voting for?

Scarface & Shock G. West Coast gangstas.

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