Give a Beat and International Youth Day | August 12th


August 12th is the UN declared International Youth Day. Give a Beat, a nonprofit organization that works as a catalyst for social change by bridging the dance music community with youth and families impacted by the devastating effects of mass incarceration, is coordinating with promoters around the country, inviting them to attach their regular weekend party to our cause, and let the youth be heard! Kids are sitting behind bars having their freedom of expression stripped away and they are being denied opportunities to be active members of society. We need to hear them, give them voice, and help design programs that allow them to engage in society.

The following parties confirmed for the weekend from August 12th 14th

  • Afro-Acid & Wildpitch Music Hall – Atlanta, GA

  • Bassment – Charlotte, NC

  • Dancegruv – Raleigh, NC

  • Tropical – Long Beach,CA

  • Uniting Souls – Seattle, WA

Join our movement!  For more info on how to plug in, contact: info@giveabeat.org