Join Give a Beat in particapting and raising awareness for United Nation’s International Youth Day! We are partnering with 11 events in 10 cities to raise funds for Give a Beat music and mentoring programs for youth in underserved communities.

​In our fight against mass incarceration we recognize that youth are severely impacted by this system. The US is the world leader in incarcerating youth. We are the only industrialized country in the world to sentence children to life, place them in solitary confinement, try them as adults, and send them to adult prisons at a stunning average cost of $80K a year, more than a Harvard education. Mass incarceration also heavily burdens families and communites. Hundreds of thousands of youth are growing up with without parents and in homes split apart by the criminal justice system. Together we can help break the vicious grip of youth incarceration in America and give youth a voice! 

Join us in partnership with our wondering network of DJs and promoters in 10 U.S. cities this International Youth Day weekend!
Detroit – August 10
School House Thursdays at The Mix
featuring DJ Stacey HOTWAXX Hale b2b DJ Minx + Bruce Bailey House Music

San Francisco – August 11
LA Riots at Temple Nightclub

Humboldt – August 11
Elevate – hip hop edition/ GiveABeat Benefit
featuring DJ M, Skinny Pepperwood, ESCH, and Gabe Pressure

Long Beach – August 12
Tropical Boat Party 2017
featuring DJ ThreeDoc MartinMarques WyattPatricioJamie Schwabl, and Ben Annand

New Orleans – August 12
Unicorn Fukr, Matt Zarba , Herb Christopher at The Ice PIt

Durham, North Carolina – August 12
DanceGruv Radio and Give A Beat pres. Transmissions: IYD Edition
featuring Marshall Jones, DJ Nugz, Lady FingersdjseanEboy, and Strider

San Diego – August 12
SoulOnbeat/ I’ll House You BBQat Lot 8
featuring David HarnessOscar PJoe PeaCris Herrera, Gooseman, Boys Don’t Disco

Los Angeles – August 13th
Shift: Los Angeles
featuring DaVoidJamie SchwablTocaio (Live Set), and Barstool Astronaut(Live Set)

New York – August 13
SecondSundays at Cielo
featuring DJ Neo and Nickodemus

Humbolt – August 13
Sundaze: GiveABeat Benefit with B2B DGS residents at The Jam Arcata
featuring Basstard, Derek Watts, JoeE, and Baggadonuts
Get all the details on the parties and promotional partners here: http://www.giveabeat.org/iyd2017

If you cannot attend one of the events, you can join our collective efforts by making a donation today!


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