Film and television producers Joslyn Rose and Noris Rose launch the second episode of their HEAR THE ROSES podcast on Wednesday, January 18, on

The weekly series about passion, perseverance and the pursuit of dreams, features photographer Mel D. Cole who shares his journey from picking up a disposable camera to becoming one of the most influential photographers in the music scene.

“The creative journey inspires me … that process where we turn lead into gold … those are the moments I want to explore.”
– Joslyn Rose

“When I breathe and take a moment, I realign with my purpose … to shine light … through my energy, through my laughter and through the stories I tell.”
– Noris Rose

Joslyn and Noris, who share the same middle name Rose (hence the podcast title HEAR THE ROSES), each bring to the project more than 10 years experience behind the camera.



HEAR THE ROSES is also available on partner sites The Museum of LightFusicology, and RESPECT. Magazine.


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