Hip Hop Museum & Culture Center Launches, Harlem

Global Artists Coalition (GAC), with support from New York City’s Economic Development Corporation and the Harlem 125th Street Business Improvement District launched a temporary hip-hop museum and culture center at Harlem’s Magic Johnson Theater October this past week, during New York City’s first ever Hip-Hop Honors Week. Highlights included the presentation of an award of recognition to the “Godfather of Hip-Hop,” Kool Herc, during an invite-only VIP launch party last week. The party featured a special performance by Grand Wizzard Theodore, the inventor of turntable scratching, and “America’s Best Blender” DJ Silva Sir-Fa.

This initiative reinforces and extends GAC’s mission to provide young adults in underserved communities with access to music, dance and visual arts that reflect their culture, while providing a pathway to successful, sustainable careers in communication and entertainment industries.

Those pledging to contribute items to the museum include pioneering DJs Kool Herc, DJ Breakout and Grandmaster Flash; and seminal rappers Kurtis Blow, Melle Mel, Sha-Rock, the Sugar Hill Gang and the Boogie Boys.

The GAC Culture Center events during Hip Hop Honors Week celebrated the history, style and sound of hip hop through the last three decades with performances, interactive exhibits and artifacts.

For more information on GAC, visit www.globalartistscoalition.org

We congratulate ?uestlove for being the amazing musical director for this year’s VH1 Hop Hop Honors. Big up!