Jack Davey, the powerful, sultry frontwoman for electro-sex Los Angeles duo J*DaVeY, will release a 3-part series of EP’s that will show fans a completely different side of her than they’re used to. L0-F! Side A, which features a gritty, frenetic energy, based on what Jack describes as “a girl, her shitty guitar, and introspective songwriting,” will be released on October 2. L0-F! Side B, which features more instrumentation, more advanced guitar technique and production by Jack’s boyfriend Joey Strat of the Knux will be released on November 6. A deluxe version containing both sides, along with three bonus songs and a special booklet will be released on December 11. To accompany the album announcement, today Jack Davey is releasing Side A standout track “Howl At The Moon,” with a music video directed by her longtime friend Devin Joplin in collaboration with creative director Jasmine Benjamin.


Although J*DaVeY’s sound has continuously evolved over the years with each subsequent release, Jack Davey’s departure from her group’s lush, sexually-charged electronic soundscape is a big one. Over the past two years, Jack has been working on trading in her usual hip hop and soul-based aesthetic for a more straight to the gut sound, inspired by such greats as Nirvana, Lou Reed, David Bowie. In the process, Jack taught herself how to play a Fender Strat and traded in the fancy studio experience for a DIY one, where she deftly stole precious moments to record in her Koreatown apartment’s walk-in closet during the few moments her newborn baby was asleep. “This creative process was unlike any other I’ve ever experienced,” explains Davey. She further elaborates, “I was hearing a raw and gritty rock sound in my head and knew that I would have to create it myself in order to get exactly what I was imagining. I’ve grown as a songwriter, producer and guitar player and I wanted to showcase that with a new sonic playground.”


The project’s debut single, “Howl At The Moon,” is distinctly recognizable by its groovy and infectious guitar riff. Davey cites her main inspirations for the song being Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and Bessie Smith, as well as the approach that “less is definitely more. In this day and age, everyone is so over the top to disguise the fact that they aren’t really that interesting.” Davey displays an unwavering confidence with lyrics such as “You don’t know nothing/ ‘Til you’ve heard the call/ No matter the moon now/ I can make it fall.” Says Jack, “The song is about being fierce and having unwavering confidence no matter what the circumstance may be. Seizing each day. Or night.”


Watch “Howl At The Moon” below



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