International Hip Hop Artist JAHI releases first memoir – THE MICROPHONE JOURNEYMAN – Influences, Messages and Notes from the Stage, on Enemy Books/Khmuny Publishing.


JAHI, an international Hip Hop artist signed to Chuck D of Public Enemy’s Spitslam Label and Enemy Books has released his first memoir sharing musical influences that set off his career in 1999, stories from various places around the world, and lessons learned in the span of a 20 year career in Hip Hop Music.


Speaking on the book, Jahi says, “Chuck D sent out the directive that all Hip Hop artists 40 and up need to write a book and share their story.  Although not a full representation of my whole career and journey, The Microphone Journeyman captures some key moments in my musical movements from Accra, Ghana to Paris France, from Cleveland to Copenhagen. My goal is to inspire someone to go for their dreams and not settle for the status quo, or belief that it can’t be done.  I’ve been an independent artist for 20 years, and I’m proof you can, with will, determination, skill and timing make a lane for yourself.”


Featured artists speak in The Microphone Journeyman like Speech from Arrested Development, Paradise from X-Clan, Doctor Dre from Yo! MTV Raps, and Stic from Dead Prez to name a few.  The Microphone Journeyman will only be available in soft copy physical format at