Karina Nistal album release “Living Proof”


Karina Nistal and friends hosted her album release “Living Proof” at Karma Lounge in LA. This place is called “The Gem 🙂 “ for a reason – great food menu, cheap drinks, and an intimate, loungy setting that can really compliment a show. In this case, Devi Genuone from Oakland opened up with a blazing solo set that really got the crowd pumped up for Karina.

She performed tracks off her “Come Correct” LP that made made you want to get familiar with her if you weren’t already. By the time she got to her track “Believe It”, which sounded like a total nuage Drum n’ bass hit, she had folks dancing and singing the hook “Believe that you do it well…”. There was a pause between both sets that was filled by DJ Comp1, a newcomer to LA but definitely not a newcomer to the turntables. Karina’s act came on and you really didn’t know what to expect. She had three musicians including the DJ, a drummer that doubled into a bassist, and a guitar.

The scaled down arrangement really worked for her tracks! Karina’s vocals over the tight rhythm section, lead guitar, and scratches on top was like a formula you didn’t know you needed. She worked her set with a Spanish Reggaeton-flow, positive uplifting reggae lyrics, a house song longing for her “Muse”, and the last song which really had the whole room loving her groove, “Wiser”.

If you haven’t heard this lady you really should check her out! –Marla Styles “Living Proof” is now available on https://karinanistal.bandcamp.com

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For bookings and to check for upcoming shows www.karinanistal.com or www.facebook.com/karinanistalmusic
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