Kenn Starr: ‘Square One’ (Full Album Stream)


‘Square One’ Will Be Released On 1-27-15 & Includes Production From Black Milk & Kev Brown

Kenn Starr sees his career at square one, despite being regarded among the elite of the DMV scene, and being in the inner circle of producers Oddisee and Kev Brown, and having his newest album signed to Mello Music Group. Eight years since his debut, Starr Status, Kenn Starr is baggage free on his sophomore album, Square One.

Largely produced by Kev Brown with a nice block of production by Black Milk, and additional work by 14KT, Roddy Rod, and Kaimbr, Square One is Kenn Starr getting back to his foundation to begin anew. The laid back flow remains intact—complementary to the Kev Brown’s vintage soul-crate production—but the perspective is written with a wisdom earned through seeing opportunities that overpassed his doorstep. On “Cigarettes & Whiskey“ he addresses his history with passing fancy and a buried hatchet, “please pardon my view points / Starr Status wasn’t a classic but had a few joints,” and makes no qualms about his hiatus. Square One is the only album Kenn Starr could write in order to bid farewell to days past and move forward.
With the firmest of grips on reality, Kenn Starr has kept his Low Budget Crew ties in toe, including Sean Born who makes appearances on “Product Of The Basement” and album closer, “Farewell”. Kenn also enlists Mello Music standout yU, and long time compatriot Wordsworth, as well as the lush voice of singing star Melanie Rutherford. Square One is built from the underground-up as Starr still writes from the mindset of being a product of the basement.

Kenn Starr’s Square One will be released on 1-27-15 via Mello Music Group.




Kenn Starr- Square One Tracklisting


1.) “Square One” (produced by Kev Brown)

2.) “Say Goodbye” (produced by Black Milk)

3.) “Product of the Basement” f/ Sean Born (produced by Kev Brown)

4.) “Strangers” (produced by Kev Brown)

5.) “The Definition” f/ Melanie Rutherford (produced by Black Milk)

6.) “Exodus” f/ Boog Brown (produced by 14KT)

7.) “Cigarettes & Whiskey” (produced by Kev Brown)

8.) “Lesson A” (produced by Kev Brown)

9.) “Overdue” f/ Kaimbr, Hassaan Mackey & yU (produced by Kaimbr)

10.) “The Movement II” (produced by Kev Brown)

11.) “Farewell” f/ Sean Born (produced by Kev Brown)

12.) “Product of the Basement” (Remix) (produced by Kev Brown) ****Bonus Track

13.) “Came To Deliver” f/ Wordsworth & Supastition (produced by Black Milk) ****Bonus Track


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