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Kickstarter Feature: Brinae Ali Destination Forever

Dynamic tap dancer, poet, singer, Brinae Ali is a force of nature. She just launched her Kickstarter Campaign called Destination Forever–a collection of her work through these different mediums–with the hope of providing healing to others, as music was able to do for her family when she experienced the almost tragedy of her 6-month old’s near fatal fall. Help celebrate the work of this phenomenal artist, healer, mother, and support Destination Forever.

“I started working on this project 7 years ago when I felt the need to heal not only myself but others around me.  Music and dance has been my sacred space of freedom, peace and clarity. Even at the highest or lowest of my well being .  As a firm believer in the healing power of music and  tap dancer to the core, I know that my thoughts and emotions guide my rhythmic patterns. Woodshedding sessions would motivate compositions. My intention is to transcend the expectation of tap as a visual art form. It is music, art, and poetry in motion. While embracing the tradition and legacy pioneered by musicians and tap dancers whose artistry and expressions came from a real place, I intend to invoke their spirits and move progressively through out this project.”


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