LANDR Launches DJ-Specific Mastering Engine


AI-driven DJ Engine Provides New Mastering Tools Tailored for Electronic and Hip-Hop DJs

LANDR, the cloud-based audio post-production software platform, is excited to announce the launch of their DJ Engine – designed to make music creation and production seamless for electronic and Hip-Hop DJs. The extension offers the same functionality as the existing LANDR platform – including metadata editing, integration with digital audio workstations, improved file management, and cloud storage backup – but will use a new AI-driven algorithm designed specifically for the DJ genre.

“Mastering is a universal need for all types of music, but different genres require different variations of artificial intelligence. Our new DJ Engine, which can level any track at any stage, uses a specific algorithm tailored to electronic and Hip-Hop DJs that is designed to focus the low-end while adding punch and weight and also offers clear, transcendent highs without harshness or distortion, ensuring the end result sounds the best it possibly can. We’re excited about the groundwork this new feature lays for LANDR and hope to roll out new integrations that cater to the changing musical landscape in the future,” said LANDR CEO Pascal Pilon.


LANDR’s proprietary algorithms are informed by advanced machine learning, guaranteeing competitive, commercial-grade sound in minutes. Instead of mastering a single track, the DJ Engine optimizes the multiple tracks in a mix, regardless of the genre, to enhance the overall sound while protecting the transitions, build ups and breakdowns. Through a partnership with Native Instruments, LANDR users will be able to master the Stems Format via the DJ Engine shortly after launch.


LANDR, invested in by rapper Nas and Warner Music Group, has been used to master sets in various electronic music festivals ranging from Igloofest to Piknic Electronik, by artists including Carl Craig, Luciano, Kim Ann Foxman, Egyptrixx, Tim Sweeney, Tiga and more. With the launch of the DJ Engine, LANDR will offer all users free access to the DJ Engine functionality for two months to kickstart users’ mastering experience.


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About LANDR: LANDR is the cloud-based audio post-production software platform that revolutionizes the mastering process with drag-and-drop simplicity to achieve professional studio quality sound in minutes. LANDR your demos before sharing them, drop in full length DJ mixes or live recordings, or make a track on the road and have it mastered in time for your gig the same night. LANDR lets you integrate mastering seamlessly into your creative process. For more information, please visit: www.landr.com.