NBA All-Star Baron Davis’ Annual UWish Presents The Black Santa Winter Wonderland Mixtape


NBA All-Star Baron Davis Scores With Annual Holiday Campaign: UWish Presents The Black Santa Winter Wonderland Mixtape And Several Festive Experiences


UWish’s Black Santa To Spread Cheer Through Music, Original Content, Holiday Merchandise And Animation


NBA All-Star Baron Davis, Creator and Founder of UWish and Black Santa will make a slam dunk this season through his highly-anticipated holiday campaign. Davis has released the annual UWish Presents The Black Santa Winter Wonderland Mixtape which features current holiday music and hopes that the original songs will inspire others to “bless someone.”


The UWish Presents The Black Sant a Winter Wonderland Mixtape is infused with cultural variations of hip-hop, pop, and R&B songs and blends traditional holiday themes with swag ballads, trap-thumping rhythms and
remixes of classic holiday favorites. The mixtape also introduces Black Santa, UWish’s hero character, along with his wife Mrs. C and the other characters in Black Santa’s world. Their shared mission to spread goodwill reminds us all that “giving has no season.”


The mixtape release is just part of a series of major announcements for UWish, including the celerity basketball game which occurred on December 16th, a seasonal store opening which runs through December 24th as well as recent Breakfast with Black Santa pop-ups and many upcoming opportunities to meet Black Santa while he’s out and about in the community.


Black Santa just might visit your neighborhood next and the collection of holiday gear, wrapping paper, stocking-stuffer novelties and music are all available now. UWish Present s The Black Sant a Winter Wonderland Mixtape was introduced in 2017 to present Black Santa to audiences of all ages and share current renditions of holiday music. This year’s mixtape and upcoming EP release build upon last year’s success and features musical collaborations with highly- acclaimed, award-winning producers and songwriters.


Producers Baron Davis and TITLE 9 Inc. created all original content and songs for this project along with associate producers Andre ‘Dre’ Harris, Triangle Park Music and DUO as well as master guru Chris Gehringer, Sterling Sound, NY. Artist and Repertoire (A&R) representatives are Carmen Murray, Jennifer Duke and Michael Michel.


Here’s a glimpse of the entertaining track list:


1. “It’s Cold Out Here” – Chilly The Polar Bear
2. “Mrs. C” – Cecilia Lee Nicholson
3. “4 The Bag” – Fire and Ice
4. “Froze” – The Three Snowmen
5. “All I Want” – Autumn
6. “Christmas Wave” – Wave
7. “Below The Ice “– Professor Penguin
8. “Don’t Wait For Christmas” – Big Kev Ft. The Elfington Band
9. “Better At Christmas” – The Three Snow Women
10.“On The Go When He Says Ho” –The Sleigh Dogs
11.“Snow Falls” – The Snowgirls
12.“Don’t Come For The Sled” – Neil The Navy Seal
13.“Joyful” –Flurry The Snowflake, Stella The Star, Misty The Mistletoe
14.“Blue Skies” – Dr. Ira Shoemaker
15.“Holiday Work” – The Elfingtons
16.”Mrs. C” – Cecilia Lee Nicholson Ft. Kash Doll
17.”Cold Outside” – Wave
18.”The South Pole Townsmen” – The Townsmen