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Acclaimed Avant-Garde Artist Christen Lien Joins “The Originator of Techno” Juan Atkins For “The Escape” Remix

One of the most compelling artists of our time, Christen Lien blends her passion for artistry and musicianship with the legendary sounds of Juan Atkins to create a new masterpiece.
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Christen Lien is an avant-garde artist with classical roots and multi-instrumentalist who creates an innovative brand of musical storytelling. She has branched out to bend the classical genre by integrating innovative technology and collaborating with artists and musicians from many mediums. Christen has performed for diplomats, Fortune 100 executives, heads of state, royalty, celebrities, and has inspired many crowds around the globe.

It is an incredible honor to have one of the legends of electronic music create the first remix from the ELPIS album,” said Christen Lien. “The Juan Atkins remix of “The Escape” has a sound that is full of momentum and forward drive.  “When I listen I want to move my body and lean in towards life. I’m so inspired to have Juan’s creative genius as part of this project.

This fall, Christen releases her debut album ELPIS. “The Escape” is the album’s crescendo and lead single due to the passion and energy Christen brings to her live performance of the track. From performances at venues such as the House of Blues and Zanzibar, or museums such as the Detroit Institute of Arts, audiences eagerly cling to the stories Christen deftly tells through her emotive compositions and skilled instrumentation.

Stepping outside of my comfort zone, I collaborated with Christen Lien to push
the boundaries of my creativity to discover more about my “outside the box”
thinking,” said Juan Atkins. “Working with an artist of her caliber with a deep
appreciation of sound was an unexpected source of inspiration. Christen should
definitely be on your radar!

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