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Sidibe Sets Herself Apart with “Prove My Love”

Sidibe is a five octave vocalist, songwriter and guitarist with roots in Louisiana and Senegal. With a voice described as effortless, ethereal and otherworldly, Sidibe’s vocal range is as dynamic as her musical style. She manages to meld the classic and the contemporary to create a sound that is unique to her. Her identity is clear and it comes through her voice on every song.

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With a natural ease and confidence, Sidibe brings the listener into her sensual world and leaves no doubt that she is a true romantic. In April 2016, she brought Prince into her world with “I’m Only Dreaming”, a song he loved enough to include in his personally curated Purple Pick of the Week playlist. It was his final co-sign.

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Sidibe’s role as executive producer on her projects and her enduring collaborative relationship with Nico Stadi (Justin Beiber) and the legendary Warryn Campbell (Musiq Soulchild, Kanye West, Angie Stone) have brought a sense of continuity to her music while still allowing for expansion. It has also earned her a loyal following. Music lovers in Japan will be able to grab an exclusive release there this fall. Her plans also include releasing several singles over the next several months.

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While staying true to the autobiographical and revelatory lyrics heard in many of her songs, Sidibe finds herself moving into new emotional territory with her latest material. The lyrics, instrumentation and vocal styling all work together to reflect the feelings of a woman conflicted by love. She explains, “In the past, I have often written about the joyful and romantic side of relationship. My newer songs are equally passionate, but they include a tone of conflict too. I feel that in a way, the music and my voice have more layers, just like the stories I am telling.”

Sidibe 1“Prove My Love” is Sidibe’s newest offering and she had this to say about its creation, “I wrote the lyrics for “Prove My Love” rather quickly when compared to many of my other songs. When I am deeply immersed in the moment, the lyrics just pour out of me and I wrote most of this song in an hour. The music was created with Nico Stadi and Nate Mercereau in about the same amount of time. There was so much turmoil in my life during that period and this was the perfect opportunity to channel my feelings.”

She adds this about “Prove My Love”, “As if writing with Nico Stadi and Nate Mercereau was not enough of a blessing, I have the most incredible group of musicians playing on this song – Mononeon on bass, Nate Mercereau on guitar, Warryn Campbell on the Rhodes and clavinet, Aaron Spears on drums and Nico Stadi bringing it all together.”

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