ROLI’s new starter has quite the track record and are pleased to announce that Pharrell Williams — singer, producer, designer, cultural icon — is joining ROLI as Chief Creative Officer. He’ll be helping Roland Lamb, our founder, create next-generation instruments that are as innovative as the Seaboard and BLOCKS and that help even more people make music. Read more about it here.

ROLI has already launched their first collaborative project, and more are to come. “Happy by Pharrell” is fun, free, and ready for you to download right now. It’s a special studiopack for NOISE that deconstructs all the elements of Pharrell’s hit “Happy,” so you can make your own song with its unmistakable vocals, beats, and bass. Clap along to the demo film here:

Pharrell and ROLI kicked off the partnership in October 2017 at the Hackney Empire theater in London. Watch Roland and Pharrell, discussing the question of why people create — and how everyone is more creative than they may realize. It’s just the start of many more discussions in the months and years ahead.

Check out “Happy by Pharrell” in the NOISE app today. You’ll find it under “Bundles.”

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