On June 21st I had the opportunity to attend an artist meet and greet with Jarrard Anthony at Star Trax Studio in New York City. When I arrived at Star Trax Studio, I walked into an intimate setting filled with people who had worked on the Ready to Live album with Virginia native Jarrard Anthony.


The evening started off with Anthony explaining his evolution as a neo-soul singer and the journey of creating the album. He decided to give the album the title Ready to Live because Notorious B.I.G. influenced him with his Ready to Die album that was released in 1994. Anthony explained that unlike Biggie, he is ready to thrive and live a life worth living. Additionally, the Ready to Live album cover was inspired by past Earth, Wind & Fire covers by mimicking an Egyptian Pharaoh.


Ready to Live opens up with African drumming, singing and chanting to set the tone that this album recognizes the African influence on soul music, and on music in general. The next song Anthony played for us was “Lucky Day”, an upbeat track about appreciating and enjoying life. Anthony finished the listening party off with an amazing a cappella version of “Damn Sista.”


Words by: Kathleen Adams

Photo by: SeanJamar.com


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