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Train Wreck Mix – London Session
Stones Throw, Los Angeles

Known as Los Angeles’ “Ambassador of Boogie Funk” this man represents the citizens of the Funkmosphere to the fullest. Headquartered in the Culver City section of L.A., Dam (pronounced: ‘Dame’ as in Damon) spent the last few years cultivating a musical renaissance rooted in the early-’80s styles known as boogie, modern soul and electro-funk. As a DJ, Dam attracts the most discerning boogie funk aficionados within driving distance of his storied Monday-night Funkmosphere parties. But it’s not just collectors at the bar toasting to the melodic sounds. Anyone who grooves to the likes of Slave, Aurra, early Prince and Prelude Records, will get a dose of those groups’ unknown contemporaries more obscure but equally funk-worthy. By plugging in his arsenal of vintage synths and drum machines, Dam also channels the galactic harmonies of his inspiration into his own brand of modern funk: it comes as now surprise that Peanut Butter Wolf brought him on to the Stones Throw team to glide into the future with his unique, synth and bass-driven vibe. A new chapter for Southern Cali space funk? Dam right!

Luther Vandross – You’re The Sweetest One – Epic (1982)
Windjammer – Tossing and Turning – MCA (1984)
Second Image – Lights Out – MCA (1984)
Carol Williams – Have Your For My Love – New Image (1986)
Sandra Reid – Don’t Tell Me, Tell Her – Sir George (1983)
Family Choice – Reggae Beat Goes On – Union (198?)
Carol Dionne – I’m In Love With You – Gateway (1981)
Rah Band – Rising Star (Cosmix) – Sound Test (1984)
Freeez – Flying High (Remix Version) – Beggars Banquet (1981)
Dave Roach – Move It – Coda (1983)
Mystral – Twilight – T-Mac (1985)
Funkadelic – Electric Spanking Of War Babies (Instr.) – Warner Bros (1981)
Rose Rose – New Love – Montage (1984)
Second Image – Only Lover – MCA (1984)
Rose Royce – Holding On To Your Love – Montage (1984)

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