Regina Madre, a pseudonym meaning Queen Mother, is an enigmatic newcomer to the front lines of soul music. Her freshman foray captures a powerful range of emotions in this soulful collection filled with the vibes of life, love, and royal queendom and she beckons her listeners to join her in celebration of these themes within themselves. Sparking nostalgia and inspiration with each track, Regina’s sound is an enchanting combination of jazz, singer-songwriter and pop that melds with her unique vocals and poetic lyrics.


While invoking passion, strength, and individuality with her lyrics, Regina keeps her real identity hidden. In the words of EME Label Executive and super producer Carvin Haggins, “She wants the music to stand on its own. Her music is one of empowerment and enlightenment; and Regina doesn’t want to muddy the waters with provocative imagery that takes the focus off the message. So she’s anonymous (at least for now) and lets the music do the talking.”




Regina explains music is part of her DNA: she hails from Gary, Indiana and was raised by musicians whose influence instilled a love for the arts within her from her earliest days. However, she kept her musical passions on hold as she pursued what her mother, a singer herself, would describe as more realistic dreams. Now, after accomplishing many of those other life goals, Regina demonstrates that dreams never cease to exist.




For now, listeners will remain with one burning question:
“Who is Regina Madre”?










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