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Welcome again friends, Rhymesayers Entertainment presents “Go Hands On with Lord Steppington” an elegant and enticing visual sneak peak at the Step Brothers (Alchemist & Evidence) forthcoming release, Lord Steppington, which will be released on 1-21-14.

We all crave the finer things in life and as the narrator explains “The pelt is merely the entrance into the lair. Beneath the enticing coat exists majestical music beats and enrapturing raps, certain to stimulate the senses.”

Lord Steppington is entirely produced by Alchemist & Evidence and includes guest appearances from Action BronsonRoc MarcianoBluFashawnRakaa IriscienceOh NoStyles PDomo Genesis & The Whooliganz.

Pre-Order Lord Steppington now and get the first single “Step Masters” instantly via iTunes.


Tracklisting and Credits for Step Brothers Lord Steppington:

1.) “More Wins”

2.) “Dr. Kimble”

3.) “Byron G” f/ Domo Genesis & The Whooliganz (produced by Evidence)

4.) “Legendary Mesh”

5.) “No Hesitation” f/ Styles P

6.) “Swimteam Rastas”

7.) “Mums In The Garage” f/ Action Bronson 

8.) “See The Rich Man Play” f/ Roc Marciano

9.) “Banging Sound” f/ Fashawn

10.) “Step Masters”

11.) “Tomorrow” f/ Rakka Iriscience & Blu

12.) “Draw Something” f/ Oh No

13.) “Buzzing Away”

14.) “Just Step”

***All Tracks Produced By Alchemist unless otherwise noted






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