Story by Dashaun Simmons @13Rose |  Photos by Richard Louissaint @richlouis


What’s a sold out show at SOB’s to a LA rapper on the come up, do you need a reminder? ScHoolboy Q and his team from TDE Entertainment swooped down on Manhattan for the HOT 97 “Who’s Next” series, and bodied the scene. Hosted by Peter Rosenberg of the HOT 97 morning show, the packed venue waited through a few opening acts (shouts to Iron Solomon and 88 Keys new artist Nemo Achida) for the new strain of Cali’s finest.

ScHoolboy Q showed everyone exactly why Figg gets the money from the moment he took the stage. Rocking aviators and a hood, looking similar to a character from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, he began with the first track of his latest release Habits and Contradictions. Weed smoke filled the air as Q took everyone within earshot back to his block of Figueroa in LA. His energy is similar to that of his brother in rhyme Kendrick Lamar, but with an extra layer of grime on top. Every song seemed to explode in energy with the crowd rapping along to every lyric.

Before performing Figg Get The Money off Setbacks, Q asked the crowd if they could keep up with him. He zipped through the first verse and switched up from his bucket hat look to a menacing ski mask leading into Nightmare on Figg Street. For such a sinister track Q jumped into the crowd going face to face and lyric for lyric with some of his dedicated fans. The bounce meter was on 10.  Even his more subdued tracks like I Bet I Got Sum Weed, and My Hatin Joint kept the crowd in a weed like trance which also could have been contact from all of the smokers on deck.

Q admitted missing fellow Black Hippy member Ab Soul rocking with him but pulled off two of their duets Druggys Wit Hoes and Druggys Wit Hoes Again without him.  For the later he performed Soul’s verse himself, but for the former Q enlisted an unsuspecting white fan from in front of the stage to rock with him. He asked the fan named Ricky (which Q renamed Ricky Smiley) to swag out with him. The poor guy had NO rhythm BUT knew every word to the song! His acting out all of the lyrics kept plenty of laughs coming.

Showing TDE love, Q called Kendrick on the phone and let him speak to the crowd for a bit. He asked Q to perform something for the smokers which triggered Kendrick’s hit ADHD. Of course the whole place turned into a sing along. ScHoolboy Q finished off the show with his own smash with NY native A$AP Rocky Hands on the Wheel. Without letting the audience catch their collective breath, in between yelling the most important things in life “weed and brews”, Q jumped back into the crowd giving back the energy he’d been receiving all night. Then, without much notice he bolts out the door leaving like a gangsta. Figg does indeed get the money (YEAH) all season every year!

 88 Keys


Iron Solomon

Story by Dashaun Simmons @13Rose |  Photos by Richard Louissaint @richlouis

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