The Detroit-based Design and Manufacturing Brand, Shinola, announces its new Canfield Headphone Collection is out today. Two years in the making, Shinola’s in-house team carefully tuned and engineered the Canfield Collection (4 different styles of headphones) with the same rigor and craftsmanship they employ across their growing number of product categories. Long known for their impeccable fine watches, it was developed with the same high-quality materials, finishes, and processes they use to make their watches, and the sound signature is rich, warm, and expansive. This is an approach to personal listening that’s anything but disposable. This marks the brands second entry into the music space, following their debut in 2017 with their stunning Runwell Turntable and Bookshelf Speakers created with music connoisseurs in mind.


The 4 headphone styles include: The Canfield Over-Ear, The Canfield On-EarThe Canfield Pro In- Ear Monitor, and The Canfield In-Ear Monitor. The In-Ear options will be available for purchase in December but the rest are available now in Shinola stores, online, and at select domestic retailers.


“This introduction is special. It speaks to our love of music and craft and it speaks to the soul of Detroit. It is rare that one product can capture and transmit this much emotion and be so much fun to share. People always smile when they hold the headphones, feel the quality and then listen. It has taken us a while to make it feel right, to make the steel and leather details and the sound all come together. We are so proud of this effort from our Audio team. Their tireless efforts have created a product that personifies what Shinola has come to stand for.” – SHINOLA FOUNDERTOM KARTSOTIS




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