Sly5thAve presents ‘What It Is’ on Tru Thoughts Recordings

Celebrating not only his own versatile musicianship but that of his collaborators and friends, What It Is is a collection of tracks showcasing the best of the multi-faceted musician. From the NYC-Texas inspired sounds of “More Or Less” featuring prolific New York rapper Marlon Craft to the politically charged Brazilian-Portuguese Expatria recorded with Grammy-nominated Thalma de Freitas, the album spans a myriad of genres and offerings from fellow talented musicians.

Having moved to New York over a decade ago, Sly5thAve found a home at The Clubhouse (AKA The Clubcasa or BKLN1834) in Brooklyn. Home to a host of New York talent, Sly5thAve credits The Clubhouse as being largely responsible for his entire sound; “We hung out together, wrote music together, lived together. That house was our paradise where we could learn and grow… our Camelot. I came straight in from a jazz school mentality and pretty much had to forget all of that when it came to making music in order to vibe with these guys… and I did in a major way. Paired with instrumental interludes, What It Is includes impressive features from former Clubhouse members DenitiaMelissa McMillanBrian ‘Sene’ MarcScienZe and Lexus.

Sly5thAve – What It Is 

“It’s a little jazzy, there’s some hip hop in there, a little bit of orchestral chamber vibes… ‘What It Is’ – It’s me.”

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