Snoop Dogg Receives BMI Icon Award At 11th Annual BMI Urban Awards

It was an all-out hip hop fest at the historic Hollywood Paladium on August 26th as Snoop Dogg was honored by BMI as a music icon.

Artists old school and new walked down the red carpet in support of Snoop, and the presence of such a diverse group of musicians was proof that no matter who they were or what genre they represented, they appreciate the multi-faceted entity known as the Doggfather.

Although many artists won BMI Awards that night, including B.o.B, will.i.am, Lex Luger, Sade and Nicki Minaj, the big winner was Drake, who got called up so many times to accept his multiple awards that he ended up staying on stage as the winners were read so he wouldn’t have to go up and down so many times.

Once the awards were handed out, though, the party was all about Snoop.

As he sat in the front row with his wife and three children, artist after artist came on stage to perform classic Snoop songs.

Wiz Khalifa was first up with his rendition of “Gin & Juice.”

The Game did “Murder Was The Case.”

The audience lost control when Daz, Kurupt and Warren G stepped on stage and did “It Ain’t No Fun” almost in its entirety.

Imagine hundreds of grown folk in fancy dresses and suits, shouting out all the dirty lyrics to that song in unison: classic.

A surprise moment came when Nas hit the stage and did his tribute.

After the performances, the BMI award was presented to Snoop by none other than his one-time partner Dr.Dre, who seemed happy, laughing through his speech as he reminisced over his homie Snoop Dogg.

There was one more peformance after Snoop received his award, and this is when all of the aforementioned artists, joined by the legendary Bootsy Collins, and Charlie Wilson, came back on stage and performed with Snoop.

I want to say that it was a great West Coast party but a healthy number of East Coast artists were there to honor Snoop: Chuck D, the RZA, Busta Rhymes, Nas.

The BMI Awards have proven that everybody loves Snoop D-O Double G.


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