Soul Festivals You Need to Have on your Radar

With the pandemic finally on the back burner, festival season is back- and it’s bigger than ever. If you’re looking for some sweet soul festivals to add to your list this season, why not try these babies on for size?

Soulful of Noise

A showcase of Indie music from across the nation, this one is a can’t-miss everyone should know about. With a pleasant focus on supporting local vendors as well as nurturing artists in their careers, it’s got a great spirit and even better acts for you to enjoy. With over 20 artists on display, delicious food, and soul-filled vibes you’ll love, it’s coming to you in LA in September this year, so have fun!

Balaton Sound

The name sounds funky, and the lineup is even better. Launching into the music scene in late July, this is one of the best chances for Hungarians to get their soul vibes on, as well as for international visitors to enjoy a spectacular city and the music they love. There’s no excuse for not adding this one to your lineup, so be sure to give a newer festival on the scene some love.

Festival Musilac

Another festival offering a mixed card packed with some fantastic soul vibes, it’s also scheduled for late July. What’s better than some wonderful music in the City of Love, Paris? It’s been active on the festival scene since 2012, so we’re sure its 10th year will bring you plenty of excellent memories, and some wonderful Instagram shots, too. Why not grab a few samples for your stock music collection while you’re there? 

Wireless Festival

Despite the name, this one is a live festival all our UK soul fans can enjoy- and a great reason to head to London for a vacation if you were looking for one. Taking over famous Finsbury Park, there’s three stages packed full of fantastic acts for you to enjoy. Look out for this one in September

Dour Festival

Don’t let the name put you off this one! The lineup’s anything but Dour, and this beautiful festival comes at you from the Belgium countryside, so the views are as spectacular as the vibes. It offers a major lineup of blended music, but soul gets its chances to shine, and it’s 5 days of pounding beats, great friends, and spectacular hits. Active since 1989, this is a major player in the scene, and will hit your ears in mid-July.


Despite sounding like it should hail from the Australian Outback, this festival comes to you from Tennessee. Suitable for all ages, it’s celebrating its second decade this year, so it’s going to be a great one. Look out for it this September.

North Sea Jazz Festival

Another iconic festival in the festival calendar, this is the home of blues, soul, funk, and jazz that every fan needs to attend at least once in their life. Coming to you live from Rotterdam in the Netherlands.


There’s plenty for soul fans to enjoy on the festival circuit this year, so keep an eye out for even more great soul festivals this year, too.