launched its unique, legal and commercial free podcasting service. Over three years on and we’re listened to and read in 158 countries and play host to 701 podcasts featuring music across the spectrum of Soul and Jazz from the last nine decades. Currently, at least 30 new, free to download, CD quality, DJ-led podcasts are posted each month and we’d like to think there’s something for everyone.


New to in 2012 is the legend that is Sony Radio Academy Award Winner Mike Chadwick who we are proud to say, presents our 700th show: the European Jazz Union, which sees Mike once again highlighting the best jazz music that Europe has to offer. A little to the left, but hitting it dead centre, allow Mike to take you on a journey from the sacred shores of the United Kingdom and across into Europe in search of jazz pastures new. Download here and feel it!


SoulandJazz.FM is but a moment away. Finances, or lack of them, have made it difficult get across the final hurdle, but three years building such a significant patform has only strengthened our position towards taking the next evolutionary step. All is now in place and testing begins in a few weeks. The big adventure commences very soon.  Stay tuned.


It’s Showtime! Watch out for the forthcoming iTunes app, appearing later in August. We’ll be highlighting various record labels and styles of music and streaming onto your mobile devices in a quality rarely seen thus far. It’ll be FREE to download and will use very little bandwith. Trials have been exceptionally well received and leads us to think that overall, you’re gonna LOVE IT!


For the Blue Note Records Volume 1 Showcase that we’ve optmised for mobile devices, go here. (This will only work on iPhone and Android.)


New faces coming to shortly include the lovely René Miller with The Miller Mix– jazz on the more modern, easier side and Bobby Jackson with The Chronicles Of Soul and Jazz– a show of discussion, music and commentary. Entertaining and thought provoking. It can be done.  The return of Cha-Cha Jones with Have You Met Miss Jones is also more than welcome as the lady brings a more contemporary feel to our programming that we’re currently lacking.  Although we tend to get down with the adults, not with the kids, we keep it in mind that youth will carry the soul and jazz flame in the future and with that thought, believe that we need to be as generationally appealing as we can – up to a point of course!

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