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SOULNIC is a free, fun filled day at the park, for families, in an environment that promotes love, peace, unity and community.

SOULNIC Music Festival 2013: For the people, by the people

Annual SOULNIC free music and dance festival to be held in Griffith Park in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 29, 2013 from 10am-9pm, presented by Extra Mild Sauce. SOULNIC is in serious need of your support. Due to last year’s explosion in attendance at SOULNIC, Griffith Park is requiring we provide additional services (offsite parking, shuttle service, additional restroom facilities, security & etc) which, in turn, increases our production budget exponentially.

In the past, Extra Mild Sauce (Chevez Frazier, Derrick Wize, Drack Muse and De’Leon Howard III) along with partner, Rhonda Wagner, have covered the costs (permit, stage, sound & etc) associated with the production of SOULNIC.

As attendance increases, so does the production budget. Thankfully, On A Mission, has been so kindas to extend their services as Fiscal Sponsor. Meaning, ALL donations are accepted and managed by On A Mission, a 501(c) (3), on behalf of SOULNIC and are tax deductible. SOULNIC has always been our way of providing Los Angeles with an event reminiscent of the family outings we, Extra Mild Sauce, attended in our hometown of Chicago during our youth.

Time is of the essence so here’s what we need for you to do,

1. Go to and make a donation of $5 or more (Donations of $50 or more receive an official SOULNIC tee shirt ($20 value).

2. Contact 5-10 (or more) people you have a close relationship with and ask them to go to the SOULNIC homepage and make a donation.

3. Reach out to business contacts and ask them to contact the marketing department of their company to see if the company would be interested in promoting their brand at a family event with 3000+ people in attendance (finder’s fee for referrals).

With your assistance, the 4th Annual SOULNIC Music Festival will happen and happen in grand fashion.

Phone: 800.273.6672 x701 or E-mail: chevez[at]

Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign

Sponsorship Fact Sheet (Corporate contributions of $1000 or more) 

Sponsorship Package SOULNIC Donations Fact Sheet (Individual & Corporate contributions of $999 and less)

SOULNIC Facebook Event Page


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