Two of the world’s most popular social platforms are coming together as SoundCloud launches integration with Instagram!

The integration makes it easier to share tracks to Instagram with a few simple taps, and Instagram users will then be able to click “Play on SoundCloud” at the top of a Story to go to the SoundCloud app and begin listening. The new feature begins rolling out to users today and is available via the latest versions of the SoundCloud and Instagram apps on iOS and Android. This new feature is not only a big addition for passionate music fans who until now, utilized screenshots, but it’s another upgrade to the tools millions of creators use to build their careers with SoundCloud.

This announcement follows the other big recent SoundCloud news benefitting music creators:  DJs will be able to stream and mix SoundCloud’s catalog through their favorite DJ softwareSoundCloud Premier offers highest payout for creators and SoundCloud and Dubset partner to clear remixes and get creators paid.

SoundCloud Premier Monetization Program Opening to Hundreds of Thousands of Original Music Creators


Since inception, SoundCloud Premier has empowered creators to grow their careers by combining a leading revenue share with SoundCloud’s tools to instantly share, connect and interact with fans worldwide. With the program’s expansion, SoundCloud offers the power of direct monetization to many times more creators than any other audio service.

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