The Robotics Revolution is here, Peter Gabriel makes case for internet freedom, how social media is changing democracy & empowering women in Haiti & more!


The 10 Best Tech Rivalries of All Time


Apple Patents A Method For Motion-Based Charging That Could Make Its Way To Future iPhones


YouTube Testing Feature To Quiz You While You’re Watching A Video


Sound Taxi Turns City Noises Into Soundtrack You’ll Want to Hear


Chasing Shazam, SoundHound Quietly Passes 100M Users, Averaging 200K Downloads/Day


Robotics Revolution: The Robots Are Just Getting Warmed Up


Referrals to Facebook Spike 1000% After Twitter Cuts Off LinkedIn [CHART]


This Jacket Will Silence Your Unruly Phone [VIDEO]


Twitter’s Advice to Journalists: Tweet Your Beat, Use Hashtags


60% of Smartphone Owners Would Cast Their Ballot on a Mobile App [STUDY]


Making Science in the Ocean Cheap With the Robotboat


iPhone 5 Humiliates Galaxy S III in Drop Test [VIDEO]


Peter Gabriel Makes Case For Internet Freedom


U.S. Adds Robot Fish to Homeland Security Forces


How Is Social Media Changing Diplomacy?


Why Burberry Wants to Bring the Online Experience to Stores, and Not Vice Versa


How Forest Whitaker Is Using Technology to Spread Peace


Apple Wants More Damages, U.S. Sales Ban Against Samsung [REPORT]


How Social Media Is Empowering Women in Haiti


Tim Pool, Guerrilla Journalist of the Digital Age [VIDEO]


7 iPhone Cases That Charge On-The-Go


Music Festival Gamifies Concert Tickets to Fight Poverty


Register to Vote for Internet Freedom


Driverless Cars: Now Street-Legal in California


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