Sony Mobile to lay off 1,000 people, tumblr vs. twitter, Kodak wants out of the film business, the real value of Apple, ridiculous new words added to Oxford Dictionary, celebrating 25 years of ‘The Garbage Pail Kids’ & more!


New song, “Reach for the Stars” transmitted from Mars Curiosity rover


25 Years Later, Microsoft Unveils A Revamped Corporate Logo


Sony Mobile To Lay Off 1,000 People, Move HQ To Tokyo From Sweden As Part of Restructuring


Tumblr ‘Truly Disappointed’ That Twitter Revoked Its Friend-Finding Privileges


Why The OFT And FTC Let Facebook Buy Instagram: FB Camera Is Tiny, IG Makes No Money, And Google


President Reagan’s Son Wants To Free You From The Shackles Of Liberal Email At


Microsoft’s New Logo Is A Hop, Skip, And Straightened Character Away From Apple’s Typeface


Kodak Wants To Sell Film Business, Focus On Printers


Brain Hacking: Scientists Extract Personal Secrets With Commercial Hardware


Would You Pay $1,000 Per Month for a Private Jet Subscription?


Lolz! Oxford Dictionary Adds Ridic New Words


Dedicate Music to Your Facebook Friends With This Radio App


Celebrating 25 Trashy Years of ‘The Garbage Pail Kids’ [PICS]


Apple Is Ridiculously Valuable [INFOGRAPHIC]


38% of us Would Rather Clean a Toilet Than Think of New Password [STUDY]


5 Ways to Avoid Oversharing on Social Media


Obama Administration finalizes fuel economy and global warming emissions standards for cars sold in model years 2017-2025












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