TECH: Three Devices That Music Lovers Must Have

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Technology has drastically altered the way we consume all kinds of media. Music is certainly no different. Long gone are the days of records and mix tapes. Today, music lovers have an incredible amount of ways to enjoy music. From genres to artists to streaming services, there tons of different ways to choose the music you want to listen to and when you want to listen to it. Similarly, there a vast amount of tech devices that music enthusiasts can incorporate into their listening routine to enhance the experience.

Here are the three must haves for music lovers who want to enhance their listening experience:

Beats by Dre

The Beats by Dre brand is diverse in its offering and functional across the line of products to an insane degree. There’s a type of headphone for anyone in the Beats brand. The wireless over the ear and & on the ear headphones that popularized the brand have been redesigned and are offered in an array of colors like Break Blue. If the larger Beats don’t quite cut it for your active lifestyle, Beats by Dre offers the Powerbeats3 and BeastsX as a more subtle alternative. The Powerbeats3 are equipped with a 12-hour battery life, optimized for comfort and immersive sound, and have RemoteTalk capabilities for hands free control of your music. The BeatsX sports an impressive 8-hour battery life in an incredibly compact design with RemoteTalk capabilities and a Fast Fuel option that gives you 2 hours of playback in a 5-minute charge.

JBL Clip Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Clip Bluetooth Speaker is a great way to take your music with you wherever you go. This small but powerful wireless speaker is equipped with a carbine clip to secure the device to your clothes, backpack, bike, kayak and more. The JBL Clip Speaker is also completely waterproof and rated to provide 8 hours of playback time, so it can keep up with you on all of your adventures. Can’t get enough of this little device? Buy one for your friend so that you can connect the two devices and have twice the sound! The little JBL Clip Speaker is an innovative device that is perfect for music lovers who want to jam out no matter where they are!

Harmon Esquire 2

The Harmon Esquire 2 is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that is perfect for anyone who wants to share their sound with the world around them. It is made out of premium materials to offer premium sound. Astoundingly, the 7.5 inch by 5 inch speaker only weighs in at 21 ounces, but the rechargeable battery can provide 8 hours of portable power. The Esquire 2 offers a rich, high-end acoustic experience that is perfect for music enthusiasts and on-the- go professionals. Music is an essential part of the human experience,

Music is an essential part of the human experience, and to some, it is a way of life. These three items are the best way to stay connected whether you are out on the town, crushing a workout, folding laundry or pitching your next big idea to an investor. Stay connected to your sweet tunes no matter where you are or what you’re doing.