Dotin is a silicon based startup that has created an B2B Artificial Intelligence Engine that can tap into the subconscious mind to yield not only Digital Personality Signature of a user but also very powerful business insights. By using social data, primarily images the AI comes up with can look for patterns within images that reflects users subconscious mind. The images selected are the ones that users have taken positive action. We are going after subconscious mind as it reflects 95% of a users personality and their decision making!

Some of our high profile potential customers are saying the following:

We have enabled everyone to get your Personalized Digital Personality Fingerprint – Here is how:

  • Step1- Click on http://report.dotin.us
  • Step2- Link your Facebook or LinkedIN
  • Step3- Select or Upload ‘ANY’ 10 pictures that you ‘LIKE’, ‘AGNOSTIC’ of objects (I doesn’t have to be your picture, but it should be ‘LIKED’ by you)
  • Step4- Get your PERSONALIZED PERSONALITY FINGER PRINT (reflecting your subconscious mind)
  • Step5- Feel free to share anything with your friends!


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