The Cool Kids To Release “When Fish Ride Bicycles” out 7/12














On July 12th, 2011 Chicago’s The Cool Kids will release their long-awaited full-length album, When Fish Ride Bicycles on Green Label SoundWhen Fish Ride Bicycles features 11 brand new songs and finds Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish working with the likes of Ghostface Killah of the Wu Tang ClanBun BMayer HawthorneAsher RothTravis Barker and more.

Recording began with Pharrell Williams at Miami’s South Beach Studios in December 2010 resulting in Williams’ production of album closer “Summer Jam” (featuring Maxine Ashley). The Cool Kids’ self-production on the rest of the album helped When Fish Ride Bicycles become their most diverse work to date.


Chuck Inglish describes their chance to work with the guests on their album fondly.  On being in the Miami studio with Pharrell Williams, “it was a dream of mine since I was 17.”  Along with Mikey, he recalled a moment when Raekwon stopped by their Chicago studio and likened the track “Penny Hardaway” to music recorded at RZA‘s house in the early 90’s.  Citing Raekwon and Ghostface as their original inspiration to start rapping, that offhand remark had a lasting effect…”Saying that to us was like the most unreal compliment, to have one of the inspirations for the song tell you that it reminded him of the sh*t they used to make.”

More info: www.whenfishridebicycles.com