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We have made it quicker and easier to have your events posted on Fusicology! Our Facebook app links the events you post on Facebook automatically now posting that same event to the Fusicology site.

Now, you have the option to post the event just once but get it populated right to our website with our free app.  All you need is a Fusicology Promoter Account, Register if you don’t have one, Login if you do.

Once logged in, you will see the Connect to Facebook option, if you are already logged into Facebook it will take you to the app otherwise you will be prompted to login to Facebook.

Once connected, the events you now post on your personal Facebook will be connected to the Fusicology site’s database, linking the two accounts seamlessly.

Please note, Facebook privacy only allows personal accounts sync’d, sorry no events created in a Group / Page will work – you must be the actual event poster for it to sync.

As always, and for forever, it is ALWAYS FREE to post your event on

– The Facebook app allows the event to be populated automatically with the Event Name, Date, Start & End Times, Facebook Link, Event Description & Event Flyer.  Once posted in Facebook, the event is pending approval in our backend and will be made live within 1 day.

– Want the event up immediately?  Login, click on “Pending Events” pick the Region and City, press Save & Upload and you are all set!  Click on “Download New Events” for newly uploaded events to download.

– Want to edit your event? Our app will read any edits made on Facebook and update them on our site daily, replacing your event on Fusicology with updates made on Facebook.

– You can also directly edit the event on Fusicology also taking advantage of extra fields like Video, Vanity URL, adding a 2nd image etc. Need to delete an event? Click on “Delete” on the right hand corner and the event will be deleted from Fusicology immediately.


You have to be one-time approved as a posting promoter on Fusicology by registering here.  Our site is niche and targeted so we approve each promoter one by one.

Our old login will still work – don’t want to use Facebook?  Simply login and post as always, the events posted via our regular backend will still go up immediately once saved.


Your privacy is key to us therefore no personal account info from either your Facebook or Fusicology account will be shared.


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