Would you buy a car sight unseen?

Would you buy your house sight unseen?

Why order takeout that way?


Check out West LA Takeaway, an exciting new iPhone app that is providing mobile users with a brand new take on takeout! At West LA Takeaway, we felt that it was important to see our food when we ordered takeout.


Who wants to gamble on what they’re gonna get when they open their takeout food, especially when you’re hungry?  Not us.  We also wanted to be able to tell our friends online about the best way to try the great meal that we ordered, exactly the way we ordered it.


We wanted to make takeout visual, easy, fun and social.  So that’s what we did.  With West LA Takeaway, you can find cool new restaurants, look for something tasty inside of the visual menu, create personalized favorites that you can share on Facebook and save to order from later. You can also order and pay for your food, then  pick it up or have it delivered.


We think it’s a pretty cool app and hope that you do too.  Oh… and just because our name is West LA Takeaway doesn’t mean that we don’t have love for other areas.  We love food and we love foodies. We just named our app after where we were located.


Fellow foodies, if you have restaurants that you think would work well in our app make sure to tell them about us and let us know about them. We’ll do our best to set everything up so that you can get your favorite food in a fun and easy way.


You can find our app here, visit us on our site, or check us out on facebook and twitter!


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