Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Yellow Shoots released his next psychedelic RnB single, Possessed. The track blends elements of his earlier RnB and hip-hop roots with his newer psychedelia infused sound.

ohh this love is a star now
and it’s burning burning bright 
yes i’m spinning in your vortex 
and no exit is in sight

The song enters vulnerable territory for Yellow Shoots aka Greg Matthews as he weaves a narrative of surrendering to the feelings of zero control and what he describes as the ‘riot in my mind.’ Matthews explained, “I wrote this song during a moment where I felt things spinning out and all I could do was succumb to it and trust that it would pass.”

This supernatural and self reflective journey is supported by the eclectic palette that has become the signature of Yellow Shoots sound. The funky RnB groove is complemented by a distorted rock bass line, and the vocals and guitars are saturated in analog tape delays and flangers that give the production its psychedelic finish.

Possessed signals the first of single from his next EP coming in the Fall.

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