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Magestik Legend “The Great Escape” Out Now!

Magestik LegendPlatform8470.com Interview:


One of Detroit’s most prolific MC’s is about to escape. Not from any war camp, but from the pressures of life, a mindstate in order to become great. On his route he has collaborated with like-minded artists such as Elzhi, One Be Lo, Supastition, a.o., now he’s releasing his second solo. Guards and traditionalists worldwide be aware!

Sup Magestik Legend. How do you feel now that you’re on the verge of releasing your new album?

I feel like there’s a big weight being elevated from my shoulders. This is my second album actually, but still it feels like the first official to me. This time everything feels right and I have the chance to showcase my art on a larger spectrum. So yeah, I feel great right now and it can only get greater!

For our readers who might not be familiar with you: who’s Magestik Legend?

My name is Magestik Legend. The name is a goal in itself. I’ve been a part of this music industry for about 12 years. My humble beginnings started off with my crew 9-2-5 Colony (w/ Nick Speed & Elzhi) in 1997. Then later came my track record with the Subterraneous Crew (Binary Star fam) around 1999. After many tours as a ‘Crew Member’ or ‘Featured Artist’, I felt it was time to exercise my right to being a completely solo artist. In 2007 I independently released ‘FREE Magestik Legend’. Then traveled and toured for 2 or so years. This year, I’ve released 2 free projects, ‘To Be Continued…’ Chapters 1 and 2, hosted by T3 and Big Pooh. And on November 30, 2010 I will release the ‘The Great Escape’ LP…my best work to this day.

The cover of that album is very dope. It boasts ‘action’ and ‘power’. Two important aspects for you?

Thanks. My homie Josh Crilley did the cover art. Yes, you hit the nail right on the nose. Action and Power are two of my main goals in life right now. I can’t sit around and complain about the problems in my life. I have to exhaust all solutions until I’m exhausted and then still keep going. I have to stay moving to make my own opportunity, to build my kingdom, to claim my glory and with that power I can help others.

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HipHopReview.net Interview

Magestik Legend has been a presence on the Detroit rap scene for a good amount of time, as a part of the 925 Colony (no officially released music) and as an up and coming solo artist.  Magestik has worked with  the likes of eLZhi, Athletic Mic League, and One Be Lo.  Since 2007 Magestik has released three projects which were free off charge: FREE Magestik Legend, To Be Continued…Part 1(hosted by T3) and To Be Continued…Part 2 (hosted by Rapper Big Pooh). M.L. seems to be setting the stage to take his career to the next level with his up and coming album: The Great Escape.

I had the chance ask the Detroit emcee a few questions about the projects he’s got going on as well as the Detroit rap scene.

HipHopReview.net: On To Be Continued…Chapter 2 you talk a lot about copy cat rappers on the track “Carbon”  With everybody mimicking each other these days have you found it hard to stay true to yourself and never waiver from your own style?

Magestik: No, I’ll never have a hard time staying true to myself. The Clones make it even easier to know which army I stand for. In a world where the good and pure are outnumbered…what better to rebel against than what’s wrong? If anything, all of the carbon copies will make it easy for the real artists to stick out and be recognized in the long run. It’s just right now we are so over-saturated with Replicas that its hard to say who’s who at times.

HipHopReview.net: Your story telling is one thing that has really stuck out to me, like on “What’s in a name.”  Where do you get inspiration for such tracks?  Are they through actual experiences or do you find yourself creating story lines?

Magestik: 85% of my story concepts are completely true and from life experiences. Every now and then, for the sake of an original concept (and art), I will create a story then rap from the position of the narrator. Either way there’s usually a bigger picture I aim to finish painting by the end of the piece.

Read more of the HipHopReview.net Interview here.

“I’m excited for all the stuff Magestik’s got coming soon. Cats is bout to be decapitated!!”

~ 14KT (2010 Red Bull Big Tune Champion/Aside Worldwide)

“Listening to The Great Escape. 5 songs in and I’m loving it so far. I don’t know what they put in the water in Detroit but you guys all make incredible music.”

~ Michelle McDevitt (from Audible Treats)

“Magestik Legend is a positive and talented soul who will undoubtedly win fans with this effort, who can escape their daily grinds with his voice and sound.”

~ PotholesinMyBlog.com

The Great Escape (EPK)

The Great Escape (Album Trailer)

All Eye Know (Official Video)

Official Website







“To Be Continued…Chapter 1” (hosted by T3 from Slum Village) 2010 | FREE

“To Be Continued…Chapter 2” (hosted by Big Pooh, Mixed by Dj Flash from Little Brother) 2010 | FREE

“FREE” Magestik Legend 2007 | FREE

The voting is done and we’re ready to have our 2010 SoulTracks Readers’ Choice Awards, the world’s most popular awards celebrating independent soul music!

This year’s Awards will be broadcast on Tuesday, December 7th at 8:00 p.m., hosted by our good friend Jodine Dorce of Jodine’s Corner (with special help from our friend Nina Morena of Fusicology).

You can hear the Awards on the following great radio stations:

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Click here for this year’s Awards finalists with links to their SoulTracks artist pages (all categories are for independent artists only, except for the Major Label Album of the Year).  To hear the nominated artists and songs, just click on the media players to the right of the category!

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