5 Reasons To Install A VPN

5 Reasons To Install A VPN

Virtual Private networks – commonly known as VPNs – allow internet users to obscure their IP addresses by channeling their browsing through an encrypted data highway. Remote servers essentially act as internet conduits, enabling users to pick and choose the location that they will appear to be browsing from. In recent years, VPN use has skyrocketed. 

Once the preserve of tech-savvy IT professionals and organizations, the concerned private citizen now has access to VPN technology. Here are some very compelling reasons why you should consider installing a Virtual Private Network on your devices. 

Data Privacy

Keeping your data private is important. Your IP address is an identifying feature that makes stealing data rather easy for malicious hackers. Keeping your data safe is a compelling reason to start a Surfshark download. Data theft can be conducted by hackers, extortionists, industrial espionage experts, and government agents alike. 

Safety On Public WIFI

Public WIFI is very dangerous. Using public wireless connections, hackers can steal information extremely easily. VPN services make the use of public WIFI by hackers far more difficult by obscuring users’ IP addresses. VPN software hides bank details, browsing history, and account passwords from people that intend to steal them. 

Viewing Geo-Blocked Content 

Geo-blocking is incredibly widespread amongst media service providers. Companies like Netflix rotate their content so that part of their library is always blocked depending on where a consumer is detected to be. Using a VPN, a user can spoof services like Netflix into revealing geo-blocked content, so you can watch whatever show you want. 

Accessing blocked content can also be politically powerful. In Russia, for instance, social media channels have been blocked by a government desperately trying to prevent citizens from seeing new perspectives on the situation in Ukraine. Citizens are using VPNs to access banned information. 

Protest And Political Organization

Governments surveil citizens living within their field of power to a vast degree. Controversially, this often involves the widespread surveillance of internet use. While this may help catch dangerous criminals, it also threatens free speech and prevents political organizing. Groups looking to organize protests frequently use VPN services in order to throw authorities off of the scent. Antifascists use VPNs to prevent the police from turning up to counterprotests in numbers that stop them from chasing neo-Nazis away. In countries where protests are regularly banned, VPNs are used to organize without interference. 


Companies offering goods and services on the internet do not always set prices equally. Instead, they collect user data that is used to generate custom prices based on what they think a consumer will pay. Insurance companies and airlines are particularly bad culprits – often offering wildly different prices for the same products. Location plays a large part in the generation of a product price. The consumer’s IP address is analyzed by an algorithm that estimates whether they will be willing to pay a higher price. Using a VPN can help you to bypass adaptive pricing so that you can always get the best deals.