5 ways musicians can use social media to boost their profile

Social media has long been one of the best ways for musicians to reach a hitherto untapped audience. The power of social media lies in its ability to build long-term relationships between musicians and fans. Social networks are all about connections, which is essential as you try to kickstart your career.

#1 Post cross-platform

As a musician, you might be tempted to limit your efforts solely to YouTube, but this is a big mistake. Although YouTube has launched the careers of many popular artists , it’s no longer enough to use it in isolation. Video content is popular across both Facebook and Instagram, not to mention TikTok. Building a thriving community on multiple platforms increases your exposure and helps followers get to know you as a person, not just an artist. Nearly all the networks have an inbuilt sharing mechanism, making it easy to post across different platforms.

#2 Vary your content

If you’ve just released new material it can be tempting to post about it, and then post again, and then keep posting. Followers only have a finite level of patience, though. Spamming them with the same content (no matter its quality) will eventually drive them away. No musician can release new material on a daily basis, but it’s important to post regularly . That’s where variety comes in. Post content about your life, your creative process and your inspirations to maintain a regular schedule without resorting to spam.

#3 Offer value

Social media is a great vehicle through which to offer freebies, new releases and physical merchandise to fans. These can be used to foster deeper relationships, encouraging followers to sign up for a newsletter, make purchases or attend a gig. It’s worth looking at how other sectors use special content to entice new customers. In the gambling industry, for example, individual bookmakers will offer bonuses for anybody who joins. Prospective customers then compare the best sportsbooks based on what’s being offered. Musicians can do exactly the same thing. Offer value to your followers and turn them into long-term fans.

#4 Focus on organic reach

It’s tempting to pile money into social media advertising campaigns or even to work with influencers, but this isn’t always necessary. Organic reach is free. It’s attained through maintaining a regular posting schedule, replying to all comments/messages, using the correct hashtags and following similar accounts. Rather than paying for adverts, focus on building a community. The process can be slow, but your followers will be more authentic with a genuine interest in you and your music.

#5 Share fan content

Your social media is uniquely personal, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share content from elsewhere. If a fan posts something about you or your music, reshare it. That equates to free advertising. Better still, if they post something non-music related that you enjoy or find funny, reshare that, too. Recirculating follower content shows that you’re engaged with your audience. Social media is all about building relationships. Sharing other people’s content helps to develop a bond.




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