OK, we ALL know that EVERYONE (and their Mother and favorite spoiled Nephew) has one of those handy-dandy iPod things. You know the really cool looking MP3 player with the less-than-stellar sound (unless you get the sound from the link rather than the headphones) and that cool scroll button that gets dirty from your fingertips and won’t quite come clean and with no OFF button.

Introducing… The iLuv i1055 ($250) smartly plays videos from either your iPod or a DVD on its 7-inch widescreen LCD. OK folks…STOP THE INSANITY! Yes. It costs (almost) as much as you iPod. Yes. It’s a little bulky and Yes. It IS excessive… BUT… This PSP-like media player has a built-in rear dock for fifth-generation iPods (i.e. The iPod Video), an integrated rechargeable battery, and also plays audio CDs and MP3 CDs. It comes in black or white to match the iPod of your choice (I might have to buy BOTH?), and ships with a remote control, acarrying case, and those ubiquitous (and often useless) pre-pakaged headphones. Get one of these, then when you stumble onto an impromptu ‘Movie Night’ at your special friend’s house, you don’t have to go out and get something from Vidiots, sometimes the comedy vs gangster flick argument spoils the mood.