Brand New Fusicology.com is live! Post your Event, Promote & Spread the Word!

At Fusicology, it has been our goal to improve our user experience since day one. That is why we are proud to announce the new and improved promoter event management system. We have combined all of the necessary input screens to manage your event all on one, concise screen.

Your events will appear immediately after they are edited or uploaded and you will have all of the latest social tools to promote your event right at your fingertips.

Create your RSVP list within the Fusicology website or make your event Private so it does not appear in our event search list and share the URL with only a few. Manage comments by users and share your event information with Twitter, Facebook or use the Bit.ly URL.

The new site features a plethora of highlights, including:

* Streamlined event upload with interactive event listing applications

* An improved content management system

* Increase in cities and event listings

* More useful ways to promote your event for free as well as added options to optimize and feature the event on the site and newsletters

* Growing content including Podcasts, What is Good Music Compilations, $5 Amazon album specials and daily updated free downloads and music news & much more

Upload or Edit your event now, your Login has stayed the same, you can find all the info on our Homepage and direct Login link.

To inquire about Advertising your Event on the site and newsletters and for any other inquiries please Contact Us.