Debussy Introduces Next Generation of Luxury Smart Headphones After Closing $1M Seed Round

Funky Sound Studio releases line of audio products under Debussy brand with the first high-end headphones to include smart capabilities, 4G connectivity and a touch screen 

While headphone options are abundant, none are adapted to the way we consume music or embodied the technology behind it. Funky Sound Studio is changing this perception within the music scene through Debussy; the startup’s luxury audio line that pairs luxury with high-tech features. After closing a $1 million seed round, and securing strong partners such as Dolby Laboratories, Funky Sound Studio debuts Debussy at CES 2018 with two headphones: http://funkysound.studio


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Driven by a limitless Internet and a multitude of streaming services, listening opportunities are more diverse than ever. As music libraries continue to grow, technical issues such as loading time, connection quality, and outdated audio products have impaired music enthusiasts and audiophiles from a perfect listening experience.  Funky Sound Studio closes this quality gap through Debussy–its dedicated audio brand with products that offer flawless sound, modern technology and luxury aesthetic.


Debussy is the first line of luxury autonomous headsets to have multiples kinds of connections to the Internet and allow constant connectivity. A Wi-Fi connection lets users access music from various sources on the Internet. When not available, the SIM card gives users 4G service so the headphones are connected at all times. Bluetooth connectivity is a given feature, but Debussy’s headphones will be the first to integrate Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity. Furthermore, Debussy headphones’ internal storage combats spotty connection in places where Wi-Fi and 4G can’t be found such as a subway train. It saves up to 4 GB of music from any device or pre-recordings. In turn, the headphones take out “middle-man” devices like smartphones to allow a more streamlined process to access music.


Similar to the way smartwatches seamlessly integrate communication plug-ins within, Debussy’s intelligent software goes beyond just an audio outlet. With voice command, users experience even more freedom and power to control features of the headphones. This includes the addition of an assistant like Siri to help extend the capability of voice command, so users can check for new emails or ask for directions all through the headphones. Because of the processor included in all Debussy headsets, the possibilities are endless to continue adding features and improving each headphone to become an all-in-one device to help users through their daily lives.


Unlike other headsets, Debussy’s headsets adds a high-end aesthetic through the color touch screen located on one of the ear phones. When the headphone is not being worn, the touch screen allows users to navigate and control the music from choosing a playlist, creating a Signature Sound or organizing settings on the device. When the headphones are worn, a gesture-based interface is used instead such as ‘swiping up’ to increase the volume of the music. The screen can also be used as a creative element where users can display the cover of their favorite album, a personal message or other custom visual. Overall, the headsets acts as a personal window into the music world of the owner.


Audio quality is never compromised as each headphone in the Debussy line was designed with artists in mind. Funky Sound Studio’s Signature Sound produces a Hi-Fi sound that replicates the same quality the artists intended their audience to hear. The headphones uses high sound quality digital-analog converters, amps and advanced sound processing to guarantee the best sound reproduction, in order to adapt to different styles of music, artists and environments.


In addition, Debussy headphones uses binaural stereo recording, which is a sound specialization technique that tricks the brain into hearing a sound in 3D. Users are able to record the sounds of their current environment and re-experience specific moments as the track is played back. Combined with head tracking, the binaural recording creates an entirely immersive sound environment as if replaying memories through sound.




About Funky Sound Studio:


Based in France and California, Funky Sound Studio was founded in 2017 by Arnaud Perret; a young visionary entrepreneur addicted to stunning sound and innovative technologies. Perret’s mission was to “serve the music” by creating beautiful, and even smarter, listening objects designed for the modern world. With Funky Sound Studio’s brand Debussy, they will offer the best aesthetic sound, sensorial experience and endless mobility to their consumers. Funky Sound Studio is supported by a strong board of investors from the French Industry; two successful serials entrepreneurs; high-level partners including A-Volute, Dolby Laboratories, S’Next final, Sogilis and Whizz System; and sound experts including 3-time Grammy award winner for artists like Daft Punk, Antoine Chabert.

To learn more about Funky Sound Studio, visit the website

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