When you talk about r&b, hip hop, and jazz, and gospel, you gotta talk about soul. Through a new instrumental effort from writer/musician Collin Suttles we see these genres blend through rhythms and melodies to create soul.

Mr. Suttles began producing music for his R&B group Mass Appeal in the mid 90’s, after writing and performing with the group, he decided to continue to work on independent projects, which lead to his latest indie release, ‘Co-Op’featuring Radar Ellis and his band the Underground Collaborative.

Collin’s goal is to connect music and culture with some of the sensitive issues that we continue to confront as we labor to create unity and sustainability in urban communities.

This new project, ‘Censored,’ which was released in collaboration with VOCAL-NY, to raise awareness associated with mass incarceration, was released recently through Bandcamp.

With soulful tracks like Leap and the Co-Op remix he hopes to provide the world with sounds that ignite and initiate awareness. Although this project is simply instrumental, Collin hopes to connect the music to relevant issues in urban communities throughout the world.

Committed to this labor of love, the future looks bright for Collin Suttles, for more dates on upcoming performances and releases please check out his Facebook & Instagram pages

*Part of the proceeds will be donated to VOCAL-NY to end mass incarceration

“Mindfulness and awareness is the bridge between reaction and conscious choice.”   ~ Hal Tipper

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