This week as global leaders meet in Rio for the ‘Earth Summit,’ Earth Amplified, the Bay Area’s celebrated, green hip-hop/reggae band releases their new mixtape and music video, “Global WarNing” to call for an end to corporate corruption, pollution and greed and for a people’s movement for global liberation.


Earth Amplified Mixtape Vol 1 is mixed by DMC Bay Area Regional Champion, DJ Sol Rising, and features political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal, from Dead Prez, Zumbi from Zion I, Wisdom, DJ Jing Bong, Vandana Shiva, and Earth Amplified members, Travis De Leon Porter, Seneca Schachter, Ambessa Cantave, J.Bless, DJ Tuffist, and AshEL Seasunz.


Earth Amplified teamed up with the celebrated, national organization Green For All to create a powerful, new music video, Global WarNing, which offers a message about the growing climate crisis fueled by the fossil fuel industry. At the end of the video, viewers will have the opportunity to take action and get a free download of Earth Amplified Mixtape Vol 1.


Earth Amplified unites hip-hop, reggae, dancehall, dubstep, ancient chant, soul and funk in their all original songs and bumpin’ live performances to support both social and environmental justice.  With 100% positive lyrics, driving beats, conscious rappers and danceable melodies, they have been performing the past couple of years at dozens of events with causes in the Bay Area and beyond, including Green Festival in San Francisco, Earth Day, Santa Rosa and San Francisco, Fox Studios in Los Angeles, The Maker Faire in San Mateo, Summer of Peace in Oakland, World One Festival in El Cerrito, and more.


“This is music for our movement. Earth Amplified is putting the culture back in agriculture.” Van Jones, Founder, Green For All, Former White House Advisor on Green Jobs, author of bestsellers, Green Collar Economy and Rebuild The Dream.



Global WarNing:


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