“I got good news and bad news. The good news is that Wu-Tang is Forever.” -Raekwon


Another summer in LA was made complete as Rock The Bells hit the city for the 11th year in a row.

From Mobb Deep performing ‘The Infamous’ to Ghostface and Raekwon doing “Only Built 4 Cuban Links” on the 36 Chambers stage to Ms. Lauryn Hill looking and sounding unearthly only about a week after giving birth to her sixth child, Rock The Bells once again reigned supreme as THE premier festival for true hip hop culture.

Nas performed ‘Illmatic’ and brought out AZ along with Pete Rock and Premier, who battled with some of their most famous beats.

Erykah Badu did a trip hop version of “Apple Tree” to the “Planet Rock” beat in which she was scatting and beatboxing, imitating the mixture.

A huge cloud of smoke had risen over the 36 Chambers stage and audience, and it never dissipated throughout the entire show. It looked like the smog covering Los Angeles that you see from a plane. But of course, it wasn’t smog.

It was hard to tell whether there were more kids there wearing Wu-Tang shirts or covered in Wu-Tang tattoos.


Click here for photos from Rock The Bells LA!

Photo Essay by: Ani Yapundzhyan @Aninomous

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